Linkability: Illustrations of Linkability

Linkability Illustrations
Title Field

The linkability of title information (as occurred in the study samples) can be summarized and illustrated with a scale. This graphic representation is used to help readers understand the various possible scenarios for where title information may be embedded in the record, and the relative ease of linking depending upon the location of the title information. Note that it is a generalized demonstration and does not include any mathematical measurements.

Figure 3. Illustration of linkability of title information based on the study samples

Responsible body

The Responsible Body group contains MARC fields that mostly correspond to access points. The 100, 110, 700, and 710 fields are all reserved for access points that correspond to an agent that is responsible for the work, all provided in structured data. It has to be noticed that in music, these fields do not always just refer to the creator of the work. They can also refer to the person or group of people who perform the work (Table 3).

• The 100 and 110 fields contain the main entry, and usually refer to the person or body that created the work, such as the composer in the case of classical music, or a band in contemporary music.

• The 700 and 710 fields refer to additional agent(s) responsible for the work, whether for creation or performance. The X00 fields refer to people, and the X10 fields refer to corporate bodies.

Several other areas of the record also contain responsible body information. In the case of music recordings, this area might also contain the music label, depending on the type of music being cataloged.
• The $c subfield of the 245 field holds the statement of responsibility found on the item itself.

• The 505 field, discussed above in the discussion of title information, may also contain names of responsible bodies for particular tracks in subfields $a or $r.

• Subfield $b of the 260 field is where the name of the publisher can be found.

Figure 4. Illustration of linkability of responsible body information based on the study samples

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